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Hovering Exercise System

Autentično vežbanje na svili po metodi Ane Ninković

Floating exercise system  Ana Ninković

Floating  the exercise system was basically derived  at speleological training grounds, where I am like someone who has been in yoga since the age of six  (learned from her grandfather), connected two completely different systems, speleology and yoga.

2014 in  within the school for yoga trainers (instructors)  where I worked as a chief instructor  I'm starting  to place yoga on the screen, people from the yoga school give my exercise system the name Floating Yoga and to this day I have over 60 trained Floating Yoga instructors behind me where a large number of them  works successfully throughout the region.

Nove ombre svile
Kružne prostirke
About the founder
Ana Ninković

Ana Ninković  is an instructor  yoga,

nurse and teacher.

She has been in yoga since she was 6 years old, and she has been working as an instructor since 2009 in Užice.

She devised a therapeutic approach to canvas exercises - Floating Yoga and has trained over 60 instructors in the last 5 years.

Training for instructors

Floating Yoga courses are held in  hall of the Rtanj center in Vrmđa.

We provide on the course  competent and reliable training in working with canvas, practicing on canvas, restorative and flow yoga on canvas, training in massage in canvas, as well as basic technical instructions in the installation of a swing or canvas.

New canvases, colors and dimensions have arrived.

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Lebdeće vežbanje na mom Youtube kanalu

Restorativna joga u platnu


yoga in canvas

Author: Tijana Marić

The restorative system of exercising in the canvas is a gentle and healing style of yoga with the canvas as a support for the body when performing the position ...

Aerial akrobacije

Aerial yoga is not a circus

Author: Ana Ninković

Yoga is a great brand today, so whoever stretches a little more or turns upside down, we call it yoga, so aerial (floating) exercise has received a similar epithet. Today, aero training is similar to a serious circus, and serious skills, acrobatics, and even dangerous things are performed on the screen for the sake of good photography on social networks, but that is not yoga.

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Canvas and  Equipment for

Canvas and  Equipment for

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Željka Zdravković

Željka Zdravković

Yoga instructor from Bor

Team of creative ideas TIKI

With Ana, I understood my inner creative whisperer,

his muse who would only love and create. She encouraged me to believe in inner wisdom and vibrationally adopt the knowledge they shared generously in every module of the Rtanj School, in every meeting, in every class and at every moment of training for a floating yoga coach. There are few people who empower you to be

better to yourself, asking for nothing, only your truth, example, not words…

Milica Vukajlovic

Milica Vukajlovic

Hatha Yoga Instructor

Electrical Engineer

After completing the course for Hatha Yoga instructor, quite unexpectedly, the path led me to Ana and the Rtanj Center for Healthy Living, and that gave my further practice a completely different direction.

Teaching me to float yoga, Ana seemed to give me wings. Her training system is special, she upgraded my previous knowledge of traditional asanas and with the help of a canvas she gave them a completely different dimension. She passed on to me the knowledge gained through many years of work and experience and explained how to design a class and adapt it to different types of people who come to classes.

Ana conveyed to me the joy of discovering new body movements and canvas dancing and that is what I am trying to pass on to my students.

where are we? Where is our hall?
  Rtanj Center for Healthy Living >>>
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Rtanj Center for Healthy Living

Vrmdža BB,

Sokobanja 18236, Serbia


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