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Frequently Asked Questions  

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How is silk mounted?

  • There are several ways of assembling silk, depending on your possibilities, you will hang it on a wooden beam, concrete ceiling or supporting beam, or self-supporting construction. Read more here  

Do we get everything we need for installation in the kit? 

  • When we send a set of silk, we never send installation equipment due to different ceilings in houses and apartments, but we can advise you and suggest a solution, and refer you to a master if you need it (currently only in Belgrade).

The difference between 4m  i  5m silk length 

  • Silk of 4 meters is enough for the basic exercise of the Floating System as well as support  in inversion, extension and rotation in yoga, pilates, fitness classes, but also a supplement to any sport, especially where stretching is a great challenge.

  • Silk of 5 meters is needed if you want to perform acrobatics in the air where you turn around silk or silk around your body several times, and therefore more material is needed. Also, taller people will prefer more silk, so I even recommend 6-meter silk to them if they want to do acrobatics. Larger lengths are definitely recommended due to the feeling of more space when performing a floating performance and dancing on silk.  

What is the difference between exercise silk and Ljuljanko swing?

  • The main difference is in the type of canvas and dimensions. The silk for exercise is of large dimensions - 2.8 m wide and 4 m long up to 6 m, depending on the use. The material of the fabric is nylon knitwear and it is also called silk because of its similarity to real silk. It stretches very little, the canvas is firm and stable.

  • The swing for children, playing as well as the sensory swing has a smaller screen width of 1.75 m and a length of 3 m. This canvas has a certain percentage of elastin in it, which makes the swing stretchy and fun for children and play. The material of the canvas is polytricot. ​


  • All canvases are extremely strong and durable (over 150 kg), are pleasant for the skin, breathable and adapt to any anatomy. Both canvas can be used by both children and adults, but children prefer Ljuljanka because of its elasticity, and silk is more suitable for exercisers because of its large dimensions and stability.

How is silk maintained?


  • Silk that is used regularly is needed every 7 to 10 days to go through a cold machine wash at 30 or 40 degrees.  (I do not recommend fabric softeners to give the silk a slightly "coarser" structure for easier and longer holding the silk under your arm while in the air.)

  • Before washing, you only need to remove the metal part, the carabiner  and you can leave the silk and the small strip under the silk bandage to wash together.

  • Interesting fact: Freshly opened silk is so soft and slippery under the hands that it makes it difficult to perform tricks in the air, after washing the silk gets a firmer structure that does not slip under the hands and makes it easier to perform turns and tricks in the air.

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