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Ljuljanko is a complete joy for children!  

The swing is a swing for all ages, but children love it the most because it is an inexhaustible source of entertainment whether they are alone or in company.  

Superelastic  and a very strong swing is made of high quality material that is comfortable, breathable and adapts to any anatomy,  gives great opportunities for movement but also relaxing positions which provides a unique sensory experience.  

As sensory  swing The swing is  a remarkable addition  in sensory integration therapy. ​

Swing Swing

(in various colors)

Children like to have their own corner, their own hiding place, a place where no one sees them and which is only theirs.  When they enter the canvas they are close  adults but at the same time physically separated by a canvas, so they get the impression of their space to whom they trust and to whom they trust.

These skills of movement in the canvas require motor planning  which improves cognitive skills, children are less active and more attentive.

We build new neural connections every time we practice a new skill.

So if we are flying or we are upside down  or we create a new position in Ljuljanka, we literally create a new neural pathway (connection) and strengthen the neural network in the brain.

Moving in the canvas is the same as moving on uneven and unstable ground or completely unknown terrain, where the greatest function is played by proprioceptors, which are transmitters of signals from the joints and tendons to the CNS that everything is safe and that we control the situation. When we move on the canvas, whether we jump or practice, we get our proprioceptors used to uneven and unstable terrain (the canvas is firm and strong during that time) and in that way when the child has his swing in the house and when a situation happens in his life. finds in unfamiliar terrain his body is far more ready for action than the body (anatomy) of a child who has never felt such a swaying and hovering terrain.

Benefits of the Swing:

  • It improves attention

  • Develops creativity and imagination

  • It activates the vestibular and proprioceptive system

  • Improves muscle tone

  • Improves motor planning and movement coordination

  • Soothing or stimulating effect (as needed)


  • High quality breathable material that is anatomically adaptable to any anatomy. 

  • Stable, strong and durable with bigger  percentage of elasticity.

  • Easy to maintain, machine wash at 40 degrees.

  • Dimension: length 4m, width 170cm

  • Maximum load: 200kg


  • The material is hung on the ceiling (holders with dowels) or on any metal or wooden construction in the apartment, studio or yard.

  • The swing is easily portable and ideal for climbing a tree in the park, in nature.

Swing set includes canvas, hanging set (rope and carabiners) + backpack

50 eur 

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