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Author of Floating  system  exercises  

Ana  Ninković

Ana has been in yoga since she was 6 years old. She practiced with her grandfather to correct

thoracic deformity due to frequent asthmatic attacks. With grandfather

visits healing sites and  resides on the islands where he enters Vipassano,

meditation for several days to overcome the fears of suffocation that are

occur during asthma attacks.

He became acquainted with Iyengar yoga with his grandfather and later practiced the Yoga System

Everyday  life.

She has been in martial arts since she was 16, and she has been creating through that system of exercises

better direction in life and achieving goals. Dealing with Japanese skills,

  strengthening the psycho-energetic system through aikido and yoga comes to the knowledge of

mental overcoming of problems through physical.  

In his hometown of Uzice  has been holding yoga classes since 2009.

He continues to work successfully with his groups. Except in Uzice, he has been practicing for years

taught yoga and free movement in Požega, Kraljevo and Vrnjačka Banja.

From 2014 to 2018, he is the main yoga instructor at the School for Yoga Instructors

Sombor . From 2014 to 2018, he also holds training for instructors in the same school

Floating Yoga , which is her author's work where she merged speleology, spatial

arithmetic of consciousness and yoga.

So far, she has trained about 250 instructors for a basic yoga course (200 hours) of her own

an authentic and direct way of transmitting knowledge where her goal was to bring people

free them from formalities and introduce them to the world of improvisation and freedom of movement, but in

at the same time through personal example showing that only knowledge can reach

improvisation and personal liberation leading to creativity.

It went through group and individual trainings for floating yoga instructors

60 instructors so far.

Ana has been married to Miloš Ninković (Rtanj system of personal work and exercise) since 2013 and they live together in the village of Vrmdža below the Rtanj mountain, where they are building the Rtanj center for healthy living , ecological property and educational center.

Ana completes her knowledge by learning from Miloš  Chinese and Japanese styles of practice and together they lead seminars and weekends below Zlatibor and on Rtnje.

So far, over 200 volunteers have passed through our center learning about ecological house building and permaculture,  and over 200 participants in Rtanj School seminars.

From 2018, the Floating Exercise System courses will be held at the Rtanj Center  which  a system of multiple styles of yoga  but also other exercise systems united on the canvas. Through the courses, future instructors learn how to create their own class, which is unique in Serbia.

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