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Floating system


Ana Ninković

  "One has to be sentimental about birds. It's because of their wings.

And he used to have them, real and visible! "


Floating system  is basically derived  at speleological training grounds, where I am like someone who has been in yoga since the age of six  (learned from her grandfather), connected two completely different systems, speleology and yoga.

Since that time  In 1998, when the flow of the Internet was not so good and thus the "sharing" of knowledge was impossible, to this day the world has turned upside down and now everyone rotates on various canvases, swings, hammocks ... when you are young and have a lot of ideas how to play and you make the world happy and share it with your friends from the neighborhood, not realizing that somewhere on the other side of the world someone else is doing the same thing, then that idea comes down to a game and good fun for the neighborhood.

In 2014, my idea took on another dimension. U  within the school for yoga coaches  (instructors) in Sombor where I worked as a chief instructor  I'm starting  to place yoga on the screen, people from the yoga school give my exercise system the name Floating Yoga and to this day I have over 60 trained Floating Yoga instructors behind me where a large number of them  works successfully throughout the region.

What is the Floating Yoga Practice System?  Ana Ninković?

It is the geometric magic of the body!

It's academic body literacy!

It is the spatial mathematics of consciousness!

It’s meeting a new self!

It's like taking your wrists to "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

It’s a spa for your compressed intervertebral spaces.

It is a dance with all its limitations.

Floating yoga is an exercise system that is based on learning the origins of movement, the ease of entering positions, exercising without tension, which I transferred to the canvas.

People  your subconscious  they put emotional and mental processes in the muscles, on the organs and so our body talks a lot about us. When we have too much need to increase and contract muscle mass through strenuous workouts, we should ask ourselves where that need comes from.


For me, the canvas exercise system is not a circus skill or a form of acrobatics demonstration.  When I put exercises and asanas on the canvas, I just wanted to deepen the movement and do it with as little effort as possible.  It can be said that the Floating Yoga Exercise System is more of a restorative yoga  and supplementing yoga classes and other exercise systems where exercise aids are needed.

During my personal training with the canvas, I had the feeling that I was practicing with someone in pairs, so I named my canvas Ljuljanko, which is used today as a playground in many children's rooms, but also as a vacation for adults and an exercise room in the house.

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